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Core Physical Therapy & Performance

Core Physical Therapy & Performance

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Core Physical Therapy & Performance

Helping active people stay active.

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  • Get clear on your diagnosis

  • Alleviate pain 

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  • Develop a customized plan to address the issue & meet your goals

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  • Build resilience in your joints and muscles with exercise

  • Equip you with the tools to stay active long term!

At Core Physical Therapy & Performance, we offer the highest standard of patient care. We serve people in and around the South Shore and Greater Boston Area, with two convenient locations in Randolph and Weymouth. We have a unique treatment approach that combines manual hands-on techniques and progressive exercise programs to optimize movement and guide you through the recovery process.  Our goal is to help the active community in the South Shore live a high-performance pain-free life! 


"Cannot say enough good things about my experience with Lauren and the Core team. After hitting a wall with my PT and not getting the answers I needed to return to sport I visited core and everything changed. Their knowledge and commitment to helping me get to where I wanted to be was unmatched and I can’t thank them enough for getting me to 100%."

"Working with Core Physical Therapy & Performance has truly improved my quality of life. Before working with Dr. Dina Lucchesi, I suffered chronic back pain. She was the first PT to take a holistic approach to my assessment instead of just focusing on the problem areas. She was able to build a personalized program to address my issues that has produced long term results - still pain free! I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her and her practice."

"I came to Core PT looking for help with workouts during my pregnancy as well as special consideration to pelvic health for a smooth labor and delivery and quick postpartum recovery. I started seeing Jess with no knowledge about working out while pregnant, especially properly engaging my core. I have been involved in fitness my entire life and for the first time I was scared and unsure of myself in the gym. After just 1 session with Jess I gained confidence and was able to continue building strength in the gym without having to modify my lifts. I have learned so much about connecting with my core during pregnancy. Jess has developed a plan for me throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and will work with me to get back into the gym after I give birth. I can’t thank Jess enough for instilling a sense of confidence, reassuring me throughout this pregnancy, and allowing me to have nothing to worry about postpartum knowing that I will have her to guide me back to 100% performance. Jess is a wealth of knowledge and more women should benefit from her valuable service."

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