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MSC Strength & Conditioning 

At MSC we help busy humans reclaim their fitness, look better, feel better, get stronger, and have a damn good time doing it.  We achieve this through top-tier private training in our Small Group Private Training model.

How does Small Group Private Training work? It’s like private training ...but with buddies! Each client has a customized program tailored to their needs,  the coaching and ongoing support outside of the gym for accountability just like a private training experience, but the energy, the community and the fun of group training. We truly believe it is the best of both worlds and its the secret sauce keeps our members consistently getting results in just three, one hour sessions per week.

MSC was voted as the 2023 Best of South Shore Award for Personal Training.

Core Logo

COREBOX Training Center

CoreBox Training Center is a revolutionary training center encompassing BOXING, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, and ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT. 

Their vision of creating an "adult playground" combining boxing and functional training is what became the blueprint for CoreBox. By combining boxing with functional training, CoreBox is one of the more innovative and unique training centers you'll experience, constantly updated with new "toys", as the trainers describe the equipment. 


DeSario Training Systems

We are a small training facility located within Dedham Square, specializing in strength and condition programs as well as boxing. We offer small group training, semi-private and private training. ​

When you walk into D.T.S you will feel the unique environment right away. Although we offer group training, everything is personalized whether it's a strength and conditioning class or a boxing class. There is no "workout of the day" because everyone starts at different phases within their fitness program, designed for them based on their goals, past or current injuries and fitness level. Our mission is not to see how sore we can make you, but how we can increase your intensity and meet your fitness goals. We take the expression, "a goal without a plan is just a wish" literally. 

HS Brand Logo

Holding Space is a boutique yoga studio in Pembroke, MA offering a wide range of yoga, barre, meditation and kids classes. Stretch, flow, breath and move in a beautiful space with a wonderful community.

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