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What to expect at Core PT & Performance

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We follow a 3-step process to assess your specific injury/area of pain and make a plan for long term success. You’ll get 60 minute evaluation and treatment sessions, that are completely 1:1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We use a combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise in order to achieve the best results possible. YOU are the focus of treatment, and we tailor our treatment plans specifically to your goals & your lifestyle.

Our 3 Step Process:

1. Calm it Down

Alleviate your pain, begin the healing process, and start to move better!

2. Fix the Root Cause

Get clear on your exact diagnosis, and develop a customized plan to address the issue and meet your goals!

3. Build Resiliency

Equip you with the tools to stay active long term!

Having pain that doesn’t seem to be getting better? Email us at or call/text 857-267-6033

-Dr. Dina Lucchesi, PT, DPT, CSCS

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